Aligned Rank Transform with Matlab

This function is written to do aligned rank transform using matlab

for a data with heavy tail, this function could be used for getting the aligned rank transformed data and implementing Analysis of variance and mixed effect models
This is an approach used when the data has non-normal distribution

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Mobile Safari start scrolling display issue

Let get right to the issue. iOS safari does re-size the view until navigation bar gets to It’s minimal height. Hence does not scrolling at start of scroll gesture. And it does not trigger onresize event while re-sizing to get navigation bar smaller.
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Exponential smoothing

Exponential smoothing method for finding the trend and seasonality of the data and doing forecast. simple exponential smoothing is for the data which doesn’t have seasonality. for data which has seasonality exponential smoothing has three formula as we could see in the figure below:

exponential smoothing formula

at is level, bt is the trend and Ft is seasonality. alpha, beta and gamma are the damping ratio in appropriate with level, trend and seasonality respectively.

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