Effects on ORP of increased cyanuric stablizer

This excel sheet includes table and formula of the mv – oxidation reduction potential.

The formula uses ppm/cl2 and ppm cyanuric  acid concentrate in a function and finds the mv – oxidation reduction potential /CI2 equivalent and finally it draw the curves for various ppm/cl2 from 0.3 to 4.

deriving the formula for mv and various ppm/cl2 was done by using the existing value in the data set of the below spreadsheet. the data is in the first sheet. Table of mv – oxidation reduction is in the second sheet. also the yellow cells could be used to find other mv-values using the function.

Effects stabilizer

Matlab code was used to find a model and fit the data to derive the undetermined values of the data. the code was written and utilized the generalized linear model (fitglm) with normal distribution and log link. Thus, the final formula was exponential. the following figure show the value of various ppm/cl2 and mv according to the ppm cyanuric.



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