Panel data analysis

A company decided to do to statistical analysis to find a model for the revenue gained by their employees. in the passed years and find a model to do forecast for the next year.

This company had fifteen individual as employees which had been hired by two different types. direct hire and contract hire. jobs and interviews of the individual was recorded through the data and the gained revenue by each individual in previous months was recorded.

The analysis was performed by using linear model first to find a general formula for all the individual. after that linear mixed effect model was performed to see the effect of each individual. To see if any of the employees had a significant random effect in the previous months or not. finally the model was derived and inserted in excel sheets through three sheets that helped the company to forecast the revenue for the next year simply by using the excel sheet.

in the following figure a linear model found for predicting the placement could be seen. this placement were used to predict the revenue in the later formulas.


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