R Shiny Application for trading strategies

This project was done using R programming languages and shiny server. A historical price and indicators plot based on stock symbols. The app take the price from specific date that is set by the user to end user specified date.

The app will do back testing 3 trading strategies and show the earning based on each strategy. it is based on a simple strategy, indicator user specified strategy and custom trading strategy that will be uploaded by the user as an R script and will be ran in the app and the results will be shown.

The app include reports based on each trading strategy that will be saved in the user app location in the pc as text file.

The app include real-time price which shows the last quote of the stock price. User can buy and sell based on his own strategy in the game mode of the app. This app include game mode which allows the user to play with the stock prices and do his/her own trading. after completion of the game user can see earning and the summary report based on his/her trade.  This app main window as as below:

Looking at the above figure we can see the plot of the date range. The plot could be based on year, 3 month, 1 month, 1 week and daily.

Back testing result show 41682$ as earning while still 662 shares are unrealized.

The application is deployed on shinyapps.io and it is open source including the R codes

below is the url for the application:


The source code for this application is available on github:



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